How We Help

Whether you are considering Hong Kong as an investment destination, or looking for expanding and growing your existing business in the city, we are here to provide strategic enterprises with a wide range of customised services, including special facilitation measures that cover aspects such as land, tax and financing, and tailor-made plans to facilitate the setting up of your operations in Hong Kong. Your employees will enjoy one-stop facilitation services in areas such as visa application and education arrangement for their children. Living and working in Hong Kong is entirely hassle-free.

Our key services for strategic enterprises cover:

  • Guidance in strategic implementation and evaluation of business decisions, including opportunity identification
  • Advising on sector-specific industries and opportunities with deep insights and networks
  • Moving to Hong Kong (licences, visa applications, trademark registration, IP and trade regulations, bank accounts, housing, healthcare, schooling and networking, etc)
  • Providing tax and business regulations information
  • Connecting you with a wide network (relevant Consulates, Chambers of Commerce, business associations, lawyers, accountants, human resource specialists, consultancies, designers, interior specialists and real estate companies, etc)
  • Arranging meetings with service providers, professional associations and government departments
Schemes & Support
  • Finding out about government funding schemes available to assist your business
  • Tools for continuous expansion
  • Supporting in identifying growth opportunities
  • Ensuring a sustainable foundation for growth
  • Continuing to support across marketing and public relations

Reach out to us for information on how we can facilitate your investment journey.